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The Law Office of Richard E Bryant PC works with clients on a variety of legal matters including estates, wills, power of attorney and bankruptcy issues, as well as offering representation in tenant/landlord matters, litigation and probate services.

Our office will work with you to give you only quality representation and we will help you gather the resources you need for a successful outcome to your legal case. We are excited to work with all our clients and we feel that it is our primary responsibility to support them through difficult times and to ensure that their emotional, as well as their legal needs, are met. You will never feel like you are out of the loop, or that we don't care about you, or your case. No matter what your legal issues are, we will always have your back. Every case is different, and every person is different. You will be treated like the individual you are, not as just another case.
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Tenant-Landlord Law

Are you a landlord or a tenant that is having a legal issue? Do you need help? Dealing with legal issues can be stressful, especially when it comes to your home or your property. We can help you with whatever you need related to your tenant/landlord case. As a prior owner and manager of rental properties, Mr. Bryant is experienced with the issues that can arise when it comes to landlord-tenant relationships and can help you reach the resolution needed in order for you to get your life, and your finances back to normal. Whether you need help with an eviction, property damage, collecting past due rent, or another tenant-landlord related issue, he can help. Our goal is to help you reach the outcome you need.

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